1. Contracting services

a) Buildings Construction (Commercial & residential

b) Hospitality

c) Infra structure works

d) Dewatering services

e) Electromechanical

f) Road and Bridges works

g) Landscape (Hard/Soft)

h) Ground Enabling works (pilling & Retaining wall works)

i) Marine and ports construction

j) Industrials

2. Project Controls and Contract Administration Services:

a) Preliminary and Bid Schedules

b) Baseline CPM Schedule Development

c) Periodic CPM Schedule Updates

d) CPM Schedule Reviews

e) Schedule Cost and Resource Loading

f) Project Cost/Time Tracking and Monitoring

g) As-Built Schedules

h) Time Impact Analyses

i) Delay Window Analyses

j) But-For Scheduling Scenarios

k) 4-D Scheduling and Simulations

l) Building Information Modeling (BIM)

m) Tender/Bids and Contract Documents Preparation and Review

n) Project Tendering, Bid Evaluation, and Contract Award

o) Sub-contracts and Consultancy Agreements

p) Change Orders/Variations Management

q) Contract Terms and Conditions Negotiations

r) Contract Compliance Monitoring

s) Time Claims Preparation and Evaluation

t) Cost Claims Monitoring

u) Actual Damages Quantification/Assessment

v) Disruption and Risks Evaluation

w) Cost and Schedule Validation and Monitoring

x) Liquidated Damages Evaluation

y) Disputes Settlement Services

z) Litigation, Arbitration, and Mediation Assistance

3. Administrative and logistic services

a) Licensing and permits

b) Coordination and liaison with relevant authorities

c) Site Mobilization requirements ( Temporary offices and utilities ,site preparation ,


d) -Safety and first aids units

e) -Quality control

f) -Apartments and space rentals

g) -Transportation services ( Vehicles , Trucks , etc…..

h) -Equipment and machinery rentals

i) -Foods and Beverages

j) -Cleaning and pest control

k) General supplies and trading services

i. -fuels

ii. -cement and concrete

iii. -aggregates (all sizes )

iv. -steel bars

v. -marble and stones

vi. -finish materials

vii. -Mep systems

l) Maintenance and operation services (Facility Management).

m) IT Services